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Peter Breiner


” his arrangements delight the aural palate and tease the intellect ” …… ” sensitive, emotional and breathtaking ” ….. ” his scorings are idiomatic and tasteful ” …. ” the music delivers treasure upon treasure ” ….. ” conducted by him with passion and sympathetic understanding ” ….. ” Peter Breiner is an André Previn of our time ” …. ” sensitive conducting ” ….. as a pianist / conductor  ” astounding virtuosity, daring inventiveness, incredible skill ” ….. ” master of improvisation ” ….. ” not only a brilliant virtuoso but also a consummate entertainer “….

Slovak Dances. Ballet Premiere.Slovak National Theater. Composer and Conductor, Peter Breiner. The composer was also the conductor and a brilliant one. Under his baton the SNTO played the performance of their lifetime…. able to perform the difficult score in an entirely new sound and interesting colours. The fact that Mo Breiner decided to change the seating of the orchestra entirely, must have also contributed to that. The complicated instrumentation of the ballet was able to shine in its full beauty and the orchestra performed it on the highest possible level. A big, heartfelt thank you from the audience and ballet aficionados! Natalie Jaburkova

Knocks your socks off …. this new recording challenges the Ravel orchestration more effectively than any version except the Stokowski which I heard on a Proms broadcast c.1966; it impresses without ever going over the top. ( Mussorgsky arr. Breiner Pictures at an Exhibition ) Brian Wilson

Peter Breiner set himself the task of offering something different from Ravel. And he is a brilliant man, and he managed to do it. It ( Pictures from an Exhibition / Mussorgsky ) is mostly free of Ravel, quite original and imaginative, and utterly ” contemporary”. Breiner may be the “Stokowski” of our time. Vroon American Record Guide 

This is the third Breiner CD to come my way in the last few months and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. His orchestration of the Debussy Preludes for piano can be strongly commended. It was clear from this Debussy recording that he had done his homework and the same attention to detail was very much in evidence in his arrangements of the Tchaikovsky operatic suites. He has now tackled Pictures at an Exhibition,…This Breiner version packs a real punch… this is a genuine attempt to produce a powerful, hard-hitting piece of work for the modern day symphony orchestra. There are no gimmicks – it’s just a new way of looking at the score and adding extra sonorities and layers to the sound. The recording is bright and punchy…. a worthy addition to the Mussorgsky discography. John Whitmore

Breiner is undoubtably a genius when it comes to writing colorful and striking arrangements. In his orchestration of Mussorgsky ( Pictures at an Exhibition ) he is often very close to the piano original and he has orchestrated the entire piece and has not – as others before him – put across his own artistic style that goes beyond the purely interpretive. An indisputable “plus” is the orchestration of Mussorgsky’s two other piano cycles, namely ” Songs and Dances of Death” and ” The Nursery”. This is a real win for every Mussorgsky fan and these new orchestrations make total sense. This Breiner album is very interesting and, especially thanks to his never-ending wealth of colors, is also very entertaining. Breiner conducts the well respected New Zealand Symphony orchestra in a vital and nice sounding recording. The Listener

Another special sound experience is the recording of Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” in a greatly embellished orchestral arrangement by Peter Breiner.
He also conducted the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra itself even more impressive than the “Great Gate of Kiev” is on this Blu-Ray of “Dance of the Chickens”. With the “Songs and Dances of Death” and “The Nursery” by Mussorgsky, there are two beautiful rarities it. Julia Gass

First, for what he has done here on this disk, and in the subsequent releases Janacek: Orchestral Suites from the Operas Vol 2 and 3, Peter Breiner deserves many thanks, much praise, and endearing kudos, for working on Janacek’s scores, cutting, lifting, working the vocal lines into, and supplying conclusively fitting endings to these suites created from the great Czech Master’s haunting works…. For what they are, and for the good fortune of Peter Breiner creating these suites for us, getting them recorded with the NZSO, I award each of the three recordings a full five stars. We need more of this kind of enthusiasm, dedication, and attention in the classical world, bringing, keeping, and breathing life into music and musical works. They are lovely, intriguing, and delightful to listen to in their voice-less incarnation here on these disks. Gregory E Foster.

Peter Breiner , whose orchestral arrangements we have already praised on other albums, finds tonally new ways and reaches different instrument distribution and especially in the percussion, new timbres that breaks new ground ( Mussorgsky arr Breiner : Pictures at an Exhibition” ) . Overall the music sounds exotic and maybe even more visual than that of Ravel. Peter Breiner has quite a number of different ideas than Ravel and gets new colors from the orchestra. Together with the well done arrangements of “The Nursery” and “Songs and Dances of Death” this makes a very interesting program. Remy Franck Pizzicato

Think you’ve heard all the Tchaikovsky you need to know? This new recording by the New Zealand Symphony may offer a few revelations. Composer and conductor Peter Breiner has taken some of the composer’s operas that are little-known in the U.S. and fashioned new orchestral suites from their parts. Adaptations of The Queen of Spades and The Voyevoda bring out the operas’ sweeping melodies, colorful orchestrations and dramatic arcs. The playing is colorful and judicious throughout. WQXR New York. Album of the Week for 4 weeks.

The new Naxos disk offers all of the preludes orchestrated by Peter Breiner, who has a respected history of orchestrating music of Granados and Tchaikovsky, music for guitar, and many arrangements of light music. He does his usual fine job….. An intriguing collection, worth investigating.

With deftness and subtlety, [Peter Breiner] has taken themes from Tchaikovsky’s first opera, Voyevoda, to craft six richly scored movements. The Queen of Spades was composed in 1890 and Breiner’s selections fully explore the music’s romance and drama in their new form.

Fine orchestrations in quality performances. The orchestral versions he has given us on this disc capture the spirit and sound-world of Debussy’s own orchestral works very well indeed. He clearly loves the music and has done Debussy proud. Overall this is a fine achievement and the music can stand alone as an orchestral piece. Breiner never takes any liberties with Debussy’s originals. That suggests “a job well done”. All 24 preludes are successful in their own way. Breiner manages to deliver moments of magical repose throughout but doesn’t shy away from unleashing some pretty punchy climaxes when required.  John Whitmore

Not since I heard Stokowski conduct his own orchestration at the Proms in 1966 have I been so impressed with an alternative to the Ravel ( Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition – Songs and Dances of Death – The Nursery on Naxos ). You’ll find Peter Breiner’s own notes on his powerful orchestration available from Naxos Music Library. As he also directs the performances – all three works come in his orchestration – I can only assume that he obtains the effects that he wants, with this performance further removed from the piano originals than any that I know, you either like it or leave it as a whole and there’s nothing to compete directly. The Great Gate of Kiev brings the house down – this version makes it all the more regrettable that it was never built. The other works are equally effective… Brian Wilson

We are in the poetic landscape of Debussy’s delicate Préludes for piano, orchestrated with a vibrant paintbox by Slovak composer, conductor and arranger Peter Breiner. Stylish Jun Märkl and the Royal National Scottish Orchestra exploit all the changing hues of this colourful showpiece from the wistful glimpse of the Girl with the Flaxen Hair and the mystery of the Submerged Cathedral, to the blustering portrait of eccentric General Lavine and the affectionate tribute to Samuel Pickwick, complete with bold, brass national anthem.
Stephen Pritchard Guardian

Breiner’s arrangements are tastefully done with sympathy for Debussy’s idiom and a fine ear for color…. there are some striking moments, such as the solo at the opening of ” Des pas sur la neige ”
Christopher Dingle  BBC Music Magazine

The Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Naxos give us the 24 Preludes for piano orchestrated by Peter Breiner and conducted by German Jun Märkl. Using a full orchestra, Breiner found the most appropriate key for the orchestration, while respecting every single facet and nuance  of Debussian atmospheres, colors, dynamics in piano writing and above all – with full respect to the original character of each piece. In the “Sunken Cathedral” the bells emerge from the depths of the water with a realism that is just impossible to create on the piano. 5 Stars.
Claude Gingras

Volume 8 in Jun Märkl’s cycle of Debussy’s orchestral music is memorable for more than one reason….. it is also the first time, to my knowledge, that anyone has successfully orchestrated all 24 pieces that comprise the two books of the Préludes for Piano. That distinction belongs to Peter Breiner…Whether Breiner’s imaginative orchestrations will earn a place besides the ones that Ravel made for Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition remains to the judgment of history, but it is undeniable that they are remarkably effective in bringing to life in the symphony hall pieces that were clearly conceived for the resources of the piano.
Phil Muse
Audio Video Club of Atlanta

The new Naxos disk offers all of the preludes orchestrated by Peter Breiner, who has a respected history of orchestrating  …. He does his usual fine job, and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra directed by German conductor Jun Märkl play very well. An intriguing collection, worth investigating.
Robert Benson

Super Triango. Peter Breiner, piano and his Triango Trio. Released on FIM.
The arrangements on these 15 tango-flavored are so effective that I had to keep reminding myself it was only a small trio, with the added cello on three tracks. The length of the tracks is from around three minutes to over six and one-half. My favorite of them was Breiner’s gorgeous version of Piazzolla’s “Adio Nonino,” one of the very best version of this great tune I’ve heard (though there are many), including from a large orchestra.
John Sunnier Audiophile

Russian Romance. Russian songs arr for Violin and Orchestra. Naxos. Breiner/Nishizaki/Queensland Symphony: .“..his arrangements delight the aural palate and tease the intellect… this disc is a feast of fun …. Breiner’s Tour de Force …..”

Janacek Operatic Orchestral Suites Vol 1 and 3. Naxos. Breiner/NZSO: “.. here is a splendid disc. The extracts, expertly chosen by Peter Breiner, … are nicely varied in character and pace, and are conducted by him with passion and sympathetic understanding…. the music delivers treasure upon treasure.”
David Fanning, Gramophone

“Breiner fills the void with beautifully crafted symphonic suites based on the music of Jenufa – Ten Best Classical CDs of 2009.”
Chicago Tribune

“Peter Breiner’s arrangements of music from these two operas succeed on a number of levels. First, the two works offer a great deal of symphonic music to work with. Second, he has arranged the excerpts very intelligently for continuous listening. As a conductor, Breiner is totally successful. Strongly recommended.”
David Hurwitz, ClassicsToday

Tchaikovsky None but the Lonely Heart.  Naxos. Breiner/Queensland Orchestra:  “Mr Breiner must have studied the composer’s orchestral music well because his scorings are all idiomatic and tasteful and his sensitive conducting cooperates beautifully with the soloist. ”
Lawrence Hansen, American Record Guide

“Astounding virtuosity, daring inventiveness, incredible skill and acrobatic wonders……master of improvisation…not only a briliant virtuoso but also a consummate entertainer…”
The Review, Washington D.C.

“Ingenious score by Peter Breiner.”
New York Post

“Peter Breiner is an Andre Previn of our time , if not a Leonard Bernstein, and I think he deserves far greater recognition.”
Albert Wong, MusicData Hong Kong

“The performances are excellent… and [Breiner] seems a more than competent conductor.”
Henry Fogel, Fanfare Magazine, USA

“One of the most prominent representatives of new music from over the Atlantic .. sensitive, emotional, and breathtaking. An absolute must hear ! ”
Revue Musicale de Suisse Romande, Switzerland

“The recording quality of Mr. Breiner’s piano and large orchestra is excellent and Peter Breiner is, undoubtedly, a very talented man… ”
Journey Into Melody

“This CD is a constant pleasure. Breiner is a master of orchestral textures.”

“These eight CDs belong to the most important recordings in cross-over catalogue ever with all their dignity and high craft… Mr. Breiner’s fantasy knows no limitations…” Musikmarkt, Germany

“Superb orchestration by Breiner. In fact his version sounds to me as though Tchaikovsky wrote this suite for orchestra to begin with.”

“What kind of wonder allowed him to couple Baroque music with songs of the Beatles in this extremely impressive way … he wrote a modern “Brandenburg Concerto.”
Le Monde, France

“…perfect elegance of arrangements like never before…”
Construire, France

“Breiner, who is a personification of music, led the orchestra with a sober and distinct gesture and made them play the incredibly demanding score of Debussy’s Preludes with brilliance and grace…”
SME, Slovakia